• Date: 01/11/2024 04:30 PM - 03/11/2024 11:30 AM
  • Location Newtonmore PH20 1BS, UK (Map)
  • More Info: NB if you use Google maps for navigation, note the following. the car park is on the road, just to the west of where 'Tigh an Each' is marked on the map - in the real world, Tigh an Each is actually further east. the 'road' marked just to the east of the hut, which looks like it might lead there, is not a road but a completely overgrown old track - ignore it. you will probably find that you have no phone signal as you approach Balgowan, so your Google navigation will stop working! You might want to print out, or download to your phone, the above pdf map of the area for the final approach.

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