Carn Dearg Mountaineering Club
1949 – 2017 : 68 Years on the Scottish Mountains

Work Meet

Braedownie Hut

22 Sep 2017 - 24 Sep 2017

A wee update on activities at the hut at the weekend.

13 people came along to the work meet on Saturday – Jojo, Jon, Katie, Colin S, Sue, Alison, Hannah, Colin H, Iain, and guests Sonal, Ally, Alistair and Fiona. We got through all the jobs on the list and some more – all done by mid-afternoon. The hut now has hooks in the shower-room and a few other improvements. It is also extremely clean. We enjoyed the excellent pies and desserts courtesy of Alan Clark, with the enormous multi-layer strawberry and cream cake being my favourite.

The next day those of us remaining put up some posters in the ranger centre car park to advertise our “open hut” afternoon. Printer problems meant the posters were hand drawn with the aid of some wine the night before. Fortunately Fiona had brought along a pencil case full of colouring pens.

Katie, Jon, Jojo, Alison and Sonal enjoyed a walk up to Loch Brandy and did a little yoga after the climb under Sonal’s tuition. Iain, Alistair and Fiona also went for a walk nearby.

By mid-afternoon reinforcements for the Social Meet were beginning to arrive – Moira, Tony and Ken. Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances meant we had a couple of cancellations – but they still baked cake for us, couriered by Moira and Tony. True commitment to the club. This was scoffed down by the 6 guests who were lured in by our posters and are all
potentially interested in becoming members.

All in all an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Very different to the work meets some of you will remember from the early days of the hut – now the hut is up and running the time pressure is off and all the heavy work is done. Not one rock was moved or a shovel lifted!

Best wishes,