Carn Dearg Mountaineering Club
1949 – 2017 : 68 Years on the Scottish Mountains

Hut Open Weekend

Braedownie Hut

19 Jan 2018 - 21 Jan 2018

10 people gathered at the hut for an excellent winter weekend.

We had a number of last minute cancellations due to the snowy travel conditions and illness, but in the end 5 guests came along: Jill and Bridget (both via DMFF), Cat (via MeetUp), Migle and George (friends of Dau and Gintas). Phil, Katie, Jon, Dau and Gintas formed the welcoming party.

On Saturday we had a great walk up Dreish and Mayar via Corrie Fee and the Kilbo path in excellent conditions - hard snow, visibility all the way to the Pentlands, not much wind.

After some homemade banana bread (thanks, Gintas) Jill and Bridget headed home then George arrived on Saturday evening, so we went out for a night walk beneath the stars. The light off the snow meant no head torches were required for much of it and we got great views of the constellations.

On Sunday heavy snow was forecast so we headed for a short day at Loch Brandy. One of the lochans was frozen so we had a game of ice-axe hockey and human curling (my ribs are kind of bruised today).

All in all a very enjoyable weekend - and a great start for our newest member, Cat Tennant from Glasgow, who hopes to meet some of you on Mull