Carn Dearg Mountaineering Club
1949 – 2017 : 68 Years on the Scottish Mountains

Roy Bridge Aite Cruinnichidh Hostel

03 Feb 2017 - 05 Feb 2017

Despite a less-than-perfect weather forecast for the weekend, some twelve souls made it to the ‘Àite Cruinnichidh’ backpackers hostel near Roybridge. After the usual uming-and-ahing on a dreich morning, we set off in three groups.

Jim Plaice, Janet Sinclair, Alison Todd and Lawrie Wilson set off eastwards with the intention to do a round of Beinn a’ Chaorainn and Beinn Teallach. Due to the inclement weather conditions they did just the first top. Jim Plaice put a few photos on the Yahoo group website, including one of the snowman they built (or is it a “snowperson” :)).

Dave Duncan, Vania Kennedy, Alan Dow, Sandra and Neil Cameron headed south up Lairig Leacach aiming for Cruach Innse and Sgurr Innse. Again, wind and weather cut those plans short with just one top completed.

Scott Moncur, Phil Blackwood and Jojo Neff drove up the road to Glen Loy for a low-level walk up towards Glen Sulaig bothy. The bothy was in a good condition and we stopped there for an early lunch. Scott and Phil then headed back down the glen whilst I went up the way to Druim Fada. At this time, it started snowing in big fat flakes and it turned more wintery as I ascended. My compass took me along the ridge heading eastwards and down the other side through recently cut woods to Corpach. Once below the clouds the snow stopped and there were some clear views across the water to the base of Ben Nevis. By bus
and train I returned to Roybridge and from there on foot to the hostel. Dinner was followed by the usual knees-up in the comfy dining kitchen at the hostel.

The forecast was somewhat better for Sunday with higher clouds, less wind and precipitation. I can’t recall all activities for this day but a few folk went home. Janet and Jim (I think) returned to complete yesterday’s mission of climbing Beinn Teallach. Dave, Vania and Alan went for one of the Carn Deargs in Glen Roy. Phil and Jojo went further up Glen Roy to climb two other Carn Deargs and Glas Bheinn before visiting Luib-chonnal bothy. A very spacious and well equipped place, including wood burning stove and a ready supply of wood.

Glen Roy with its many Carn Deargs made me wonder whether it is time to draw up another tick list of “The Deargs” for those running out of Munros, Corbetts, Grahams, Marilyns and molehills. I would include all tops of that name regardless of height. Any volunteers ?