Carn Dearg Mountaineering Club
1949 – 2017 : 68 Years on the Scottish Mountains

Christmas Meet - Braedownie Club Hut

Braedownie Hut

07 Dec 2018 - 09 Dec 2018

18 people came along at some point to the Christmas Meet at Braedownie Hut. Good weather and good company meant we had our usual great Christmas party.

On Saturday, Colin S, Sue, Paul, Katie, Jon, Iain, and Stuart and Hannah from the Nissen Hut had a really fine walk up to Bachnagairn, Sandy Hillocks, and over the high ground back to the Capel Path. The day was relatively mild with lots of rainbows and it was fun to see familiar hills from unfamiliar viewpoints. Alan Clark enjoyed a jaunt up Jock's Road.

On Saturday evening the hut got decorated and the Christmas Feast was prepared. Many thanks to Jim P for coordinating the food offerings (there was enough!). Kenny dropped in to say hi on the way back from beating and several other people turned up in time for the meal. Stewart B, Phil, Jim P, Jim W and his son Andrew, Moira and Tony, Colin H and Graham Davie all descended ready for food and were not disappointed. The kitchen facilities and seating space were more than adequate to feed us all. After dinner a Christmas band (Paul, Jon, Katie) played some carols, and some whiskey was sampled.

On Sunday many folk had to head home but Colin S, Sue, Paul, Iain, Katie and Jon headed up Ben Tirran, a corbett hear the hotel. The temperature had dropped and this was quite a wintry walk, but excellent visibility gave us good views.

Merry Christmas to everyone and hope to see many of you at the AGM meet in Laggan (Village Hall), 11-13th January.