Carn Dearg Mountaineering Club
1949 – 2017 : 68 Years on the Scottish Mountains

Kintail - Morvich Campsite

05 Oct 2018 - 07 Oct 2018

The above meet, held over the weekend of 5th 6th and 7th and based at Morvich Caracavan and Motorhome Site near Shielbridge was attended by ten members. What follows is a resume' of the activities which the members got up to.

As is usual members arrived at various times on the Friday evening some of the more wealthy opting to eat out at the local hostelry whilst those on more meagre resources spent the evening in the campsite common room, fortified by nothing stronger than tea!!

For those familiar with the dickens novel “A tale of two cities” might wish to read this report as a “Tale of Two Venues” for some members decided to slum it in a caravan some six miles away ~ so much for having a club meet!!!!

That said Saturday dawned fine and reasonably clear with Jim plaice and Derek Tasker heading off up Strath Croe to the Bealach na Sgairne before ascending A'Ghlas Bheinn. Not satisfied with bagging this Murphy(Munro) they returned to the bealach and climbed Beinn Fhada or to give the bump it's due respect Ben Attow. A second return to the bealach was effected before a return to the campsite. Both reported having a good time on the hill.

Next away were Lindsay, Janet and Lawrie intent on “bagging” Beinn Sgritheall by the Bealach Arnasdail and returning to Arnisdale by the mountain's west ridge. In addition to experiencing a short snow shower they were serenaded, on the summit, to a rendition of “Highland Cathedral” by a fully kilted highlander. 'Fraid it wasn't in recognition of their achievment ~ merely another “Murphy Bagger” being commemorated on summiting, to use the modern vernacular, his last munro.

Last of the campers, me, headed off up into the wilds of Inverinate Forest before descending into Glen Elchaig before returning via the quite spectactular Falls of Glomach to the campsite. All in all an almost humanoid free day.

Colin and Scott also made a forage, this time on bikes, into Glen Elchaig hell bent on going for Iron Lodge as the start of their stravaig up onto Mullach na Dheiragain, and not content with this Scott went on to do that great Affric peak, namely Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan. His comments upon his return lead me to conclude that the said Scott may suffer from a temporary haluncinating affliction possibly named after that well known Scottish Burn ~ the Allt Zymmer!!!! for he was adamant that he saw a couple of “tweeded gentlemen” who came and went from oblivion whilst he was going onto the latter top. As for Colin's activities 'fraid I don't know too much 'cos I never saw the poor lad!! So much for split venues.

Lastly, Dave and Alan, being somewhat senior in years to Colin and Scott elected to go for a much smaller hill, namely Beinn nan Caorach above Arnisdale. At only 774 mtrs. I wonder, by sticking to the smaller hills will Dave still be able to climb high enough to bag his last 3000 footer??

After everyone had had an enjoyable hill day on the Saturday it was with a bit of trepidation that we looked forward to the Sabbath ~ we were not dissappointed!!

Now with the Dearg being, in the main a bunch of heathens, the Good Lord and Mother Nature delivered to us a 5 star dreich day which resulted in members giving the tops a muckle great body swerve ~ you couldna' see them anyway!!

Sunday – from Lawrie

Sunday was pretty foul as you know. Alan and Scott had an outing to Plockton for lunch. Janet, Lindsay and myself braved the elements for a while and suitably waterproofed set off up the glen to Glenlicht House. The house was locked up of course but the storeroom to the side was open and provided a dry refuge for us to have lunch (Our thanks to those who have provided this welcome haven in the glen). On the return the flood waters coming over the track had risen considerably and the rapids in the river were a sight to behold but other than slightly damp feet and soaked waterproofs we survived unscathed and had of course the comfort of the excellent drying room to look forward to.

The river had risen considerably and the wardens were checking from time to time as the high tide was impeding the flow but all was well and Monday morning saw the rain cease and we were able to pack up and be on our way without too much bother, there were even a few brave midges taking to the air.